By Eddy,

For over a year now,  I've been dreaming about being part of a yoga retreat in an exotic setting and I must say it was worth the wait to go to the right one!

It has been 2 weeks now since I'm back in Montreal and I still have a huge smile on my face from all those unforgettable moments!!! I can honestly write a book about the week I've spent at this retreat! So many things to say! Here is a little summary for now, a taste of what the book will be about ;-)

 I was soaring through the sky from day one!! Overflowing with positive energy, happiness & just simply being high on life!

I am not exaggerating when I say that this retreat has changed my life in an enormous way

It has given me wings to be who I was meant to be and to follow my true calling

After all the incredible things I've experienced throughout this retreat, I can no longer look back and live an ordinary life, we were all meant to live an extraordinary one; and this retreat has helped me re- awaken my inner passions, to boldly develop my gifts and to fearlessly follow my dreams.

It is exactly what my soul needed and it opened my eyes to a wonderful world filled with remarkable people who passionately want to make a difference in other's lives

Those beautiful angels are Reina Hallab(the mastermind event organizer of Raw Marketing), Sharon Cohen (the Naturopath and coach), Bhaskar Goswami (our superb yoga & meditation instructor) and Viktoras (the raw vegan Godfather and much much more)

Upon my arrival, they instantly made me feel like I was part of the family, being greeted with big smiles and open hearts. It was like a home coming.

Each and every one of them have touched my heart in a special way. I feel truly  blessed to have been part of this event.

Even on vacation I was eagerly getting up daily at 5am in order to be ready for our 5:30am yoga/meditation/Qi gong sessions. It was so uplifting. To this day, I transport myself often to those moments where the sun was rising and painting the skies with its wondrous colours during our yoga poses. I felt like I was at one with the Universe, re-energized & vibrant. It prepared us for our daily adventures throughout Montezuma which were filled with many interesting synchronicities.

Everything about this trip was pure magic, I have found myself breathless many times

Costa Rica has many hidden treasures which we all went to discover together

The adventure menu included surfing, snorkelling, hiking, waterfalls... Reina made all of this possible thanks to her contacts in Montezuma & her adventurous spirit!

Another highlight was our singing and dancing at night using kitchen appliances as instruments after a delicious raw vegan meal! We were also blessed by the presence of our gifted chef Abneet Sandhar who lovingly & patiently prepared so many creative mouth-watering meals!! She had help from Anastasia & Andreas whom I enjoyed every minute with!! Was really fun cutting, tasting and prepping the food all together!

I must admit I was afraid of still being hungry after a raw vegan meal, but I was more than satisfied & it actually brought me more energy! It gave us the boost we needed for our trekking and swimming activities which usually lasted all day!

The connection between all of us grew stronger & stronger throughout all of those activities. This bond that we created, I really believe, will last a lifetime.

I arrived with the intention of doing half of the retreat only & the other half I would go and discover Costa Rica in more depth. It is in my nature to maximise my time in order to see as many wondrous places as possible and have a camera filled with those memories. I ended up leaving for 2 days, but my heart stayed with the group. Went to Monteverde and it was just gorgeous! However, after being away for 2 days I started missing our daily rituals and the deep connection that we had created as a group. Therefore, instead of continuing my journey throughout Costa Rica, as I had initially planned, I returned to be with these beautiful souls once again.

I learned an important lesson from all of this: it is not in the places we visit and in the destination that we find true joy and happiness, it is in sharing those moments with those who are truly meaningful in our lives.

I sincerely would follow you all anywhere around the world, home is where the heart is

I thank you all deeply for sharing your stories, knowledge & passion with me.

Reina & Bhaskar, your stories are so inspirational and it has touched me very much..

You both showed me anything is possible no matter the odds. The power of the heart is the greatest power of all. I love you both very very much!

It has been a very inspiring & heart opening journey!

I feel like I have been given the gift of life once again, to live a true vibrant passionate existence. Filled with love, joy and happiness.

I promise to pay this gift forward to everyone I meet, this gift which will bring us all closer to oneness once again...

Your soul friend Eddy :-)

Some Testimonials from the previous retreat , "Rejuvenate & Lighten up! Follow your Bliss", at Viktoras' Sanctuary in Montezuma Costa Rica (February 13-20 &Feb 20-27, 2016

By Heather,

I am so grateful for my experience at the @Rejuvenate and Lighten Up Retreat in Montezuma. Organized by Reina Hallab of Raw Marketing, the retreat combined the expertise of women's empowerment coach Sharon Cohen Naturopath, meditation and yoga expert Bhaskar Goswami, and the godfather of the raw vegan food movement Viktoras Kulvinskas.

Our hotel, Hotel Three Monkeys, was a short hike to the Sanctuary. The cabins were clean and simple. There was a lovely pool and each unit had a hammock for relaxation, air conditioning and a television (which we did not turn on once). The hotel was on the main road. We could walk down the (steep) hill to get to the village of Montezuma and the beach. We generally opted to hitchhike to town, since the locals were friendly and fellow tourist were also willing to give us a lift. Taxis were readily available for the return to the hotel.

Our days began with yoga and meditation at 5:30 am. Never did I think I would be motivated to rise so early, but the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise over the ocean and the serenity of Bhaskar's practice made it easy. After yoga we revitalized with fresh green juice and an abundance of local fruit. After breakfast activities included personal discovery exercises and private sessions with experts Sharon, Bhaskar and Viktoras. I gathered many nuggets of wisdom to add to my toolbox of inspiration for self-improvement! Mid-day were treated to a beautiful, healthy raw vegan lunch prepared by Chef Jeff. After lunch we embarked on a variety of excursions of choice including hiking, waterfalls and snorkelling. We also had plenty of time to relax on the beach and shop in the village. I brought my watercolours and had several sessions of painting the waves of the majestic ocean! We even squeezed in an evening of dinner and dancing in town and a full-moon ritual on the beach. Reina was wonderful at organizing activities, offering individual options and synchronizing transportation.

To say this retreat was transformational is an understatement. Each participant experienced many "aha" moments. We faced challenges head-on to create positive shifts in mindset and behaviour. The atmosphere alone was enough to relax the body and mind, melt pre-conceived notions and inspire renewal and bliss. The expertise of Sharon, Bhaskar and Viktoras infused us with new skills and knowledge that we will cherish for years to come. All was orchestrated magnificently by Reina, who intuitively knew what each participant needed and was able to encourage us to reach beyond our limiting beliefs and soar to new heights.